We have a PDF copy available at this link! 

  • Release Date? 
    There is no projected date of release at this time. We are posting weekly updates every Monday on our blog
  • Is Pawtal aware of this project? Yes! She endorses and supports it completely. She has assisted in writing the screenplays, been a consultant on all things English and has even been on set! 
  • Where can I read A Finger Slip?
    We have a PDF copy available here! 
  • How can I donate/support? 
    You can donate to us via Paypal!  If you want to donate, but you don't have a credit/debit card, we accept checks or cash donations in US dollars at P.O. Box 342 Kingsley, MI, 49649. Our P.O. Box is open to all things - letters, doodads and wotsits, pictures/fanart - anything you'd like to share with us! 

  • How do you intend to translate a story that is entirely text into a film? 
    Answered in this post
  • Where are you based? Our HQ is in Traverse City, Michigan, United States. However, we have team members working around the world to help get this project off the ground.
  • Will you be attending any conventions? Yes! We've been at 221B con as well as Dashcon in the past and look forward to possible panels at conventions in the future! We'll be posting any relevant announcements on the subject on our tumblr! 
  • I can’t donate anything, but I still want to help? Spread the word! Reblog, tweet, share on Facebook- get the word out! Also sending us fanart, fanmail or messages keeps us going!
  • I’d like to audition…
    Auditions are closed for all roles apart from one. The role of Ella is open to caucasion girls between the ages of 17-25 with red hair. We will be filming Ella's scenes in the London England area. For more info, message us on tumblr or send your information to afingerslipseries@gmail.com
  • I want to help out! Send us an ask or an email. We are looking for graphic designers, fanartists, musicians, and more. We can always use more help!

Watch our FAQ/Announcement video below...